081210999347 Sea Forest Adventure Nuvasa Bay Batam Kepri lokasi outbound batam

081210999347 Sea Forest Adventure Nuvasa Bay Batam Kepri lokasi outbound batam

081210999347 Sea Forest Adventure Nuvasa Bay Batam Kepri  lokasi outbound batam

Rekreasi Liburan Mengasyikan Sea Forest Adventure Batam Terletak di Pantai Nuvasa Bay Batam

Call 081210999347 Rekreasi Tamasya Mengasyikan Sea Forest Adventure Batam Terletak di Pantai Nuvasa Bay Batam

Wahana Liburan Batam yang direncanakan akan Launching pada bulan Desember 2016 ini bernama Sea Forest Adventure yang terletak di pinggir Pantai Nuvasa Batam. Sebagai salah satu dari proyek pengembangan rekreasi di bilangan tempat Batam yang diinginkan akan menjadi kancah dari kumpul kreasi dan prestasi khusus nya di Kota Batam. Dengan tajuk petualangan dengan sarat pengajaran yang dikemas dalam faktor permainan seperti survival science, nature dan juga outdoor activities.

Rekreasi Tamasya Mengasyikan Sea Forest Adventure Batam Terletak di Pantai Nuvasa Bay Batam

Call 081210999347 Obyek Tamasya yang tertera di Peta Batam

Rekreasi Tamasya Mengasyikan Sea Forest Adventure Batam Terletak di Pantai Nuvasa Bay Batam

Sea Forest Adventure Batam termasuk dalam salah satu obyek liburan di peta Kota Batam, dengan luas kawasan seluas 10 hektar yang akan dilengkapi dengan sebagian permainan yang mengusung konsep :

  1. Nature
  2. Adventure
  3. Survival Science

Daerah ini diinginkan bisa menjadi Obyek Liburan di Batam dan juga wilayah rekreasi yang bermutu dan sarat pengajaran berbasis petualangan. Dengan empat wilayah utama sebagai tonggak dasar dari Sea Forest Adventure Batam seperti :

  1. Gathering Facility,
  2. Glam Camp,
  3. Rain Forest,
  4. Water World

Rekreasi Liburan Mengasyikan Sea Forest Adventure Batam Terletak di Pantai Nuvasa Bay Batam

Foto yang diabadikan oleh Blogger Kepri dan juga Visit Kepri, pada ketika briefing penerapan life jacket, dengan manfaat untuk tak gampang karam dalam cara kerja permainan yang akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 27 November 2016.

Rekreasi Liburan Mengasyikan Sea Forest Adventure Batam Terletak di Pantai Nuvasa Bay Batam

Daerah Tamasya Sea Forest Adventure Batam

Bagi rekan-rekan yang berkeinginan tamasya ke batam, karenanya boleh jadi daerah ini dapat diwujudkan sebagai salah satu paket tamasya ke batam. Tamasya di batam memiliki banyak daerah yang apik akan namun kita tentunya juga berharap memiliki kesan dari petualangan yang luar umum. Daerah tamasya di batam dengan konsep liburan pulau batam yang mengasyikan. Bisa dipastikan menjadi sesuatu yang tak akan pernah terlupakan, dan memiliki kenangan dengan foto-foto menantang dalam perjalanan manusia yang dapat mengalahkan alam, sebagai salah satu faktor pencarian jati diri.

081210999347 Sea Forest Adventure Nuvasa Bay Batam Kepri lokasi outbound batam

Sea Forest Excursion Batam can be an built-in 10 hectare recreational area made to be Batam’s new family leisure and edu-tainment vacation spot focusing on success science, aspect, and outdoor activities by offering international standart activities and facilities.

Furthermore, its location in batam, an island sitting down simply a stone’s dispose of from Singapore, provides Sea Forest Excitement Batam with unrivaled acces from many neighboring countries. Sea Forest Excitement Batam position in the centre point of three countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore), provide this International acclaimed vacation spot with exceptional gain access to: a far more 15 minutes trip by car from the international airport or a thirty minutes ferry quest from Singapore.

read : Seaforest Adventure Batam Nuvasa Bay

Operational Hours Seaforest Adventure Batam Nuvasa Bay

Ticketing Counter-top:

Weekdays : 08.00 am – 05.00 pm

Weekend : 08.00 am – 05.00 pm

Area Operational Hour

09.00AM – 5.00PM

*Operating time are at the mercy of change without preceding notice. We apologise for just about any incovenience triggered*

Location :
Where is Seaforest Experience in Batam?

SeaForest part of Nuvasa Bay is approachable by both land and sea within Indonesia as well as from Malaysia and Singapore. Ferry services can be found both from Johor Bahru in Malaysia and Harbour Entry and Tanah Merah Terminal in Singapore to Batam Centre and Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal. A fresh highway, called the outside Ring Street will be built from Batam Centre to Seaforest thus shortening the travel a chance to SeaForest from 30 mins to 15 mins from Batam Centre.

Aqua Trip Track


This fun and challenging inflatable drinking water sports park can be an enjoyable playground in a genuine nature sea environment for the complete family and almost any groups to learn and go out

Price :

30 Minute Per Person : E mail us
60 Minute Per Person : E mail us

Land Adventure

Buble Soccer

ARE YOU SET For Buble Sports ?
The First In Batam

Promo Price :

Per Pax : E mail us (Minimum amount 10 Pax)


Learn the initial skill and approach of archery in a great and challenging program. All equipment no experience is essential. Ages 10+

Price :

Adult & Kids Archery

Trial 6 Arrows : E mail us
30 Minute 12 Arrows : E mail us

Practical Shooting

Stimulating skill in sport taking pictures by providing teaching and practice.

Price :

Shooting Concentrate on (Handgun)

250 Ammo : Contact us
Practical Taking pictures (Rifle AEG)

15 Ammo : Contact us
Practical Shooting

3 Mag : Contact us
2 Mag : Contact us


Grab that adrenaline level by participating in a casino game of paintball with your good friend and familly. Deference, now assault! Hone the power of members to be competitive to be the success, set the technique to defeat the adversary, good teamwork and sharpen the heart of control for the first choice in the group.

Price :

50 Ammo Per Person : E mail us
120 Ammo Per Person : E mail us
180 Ammo Per Person : E mail us
300 Ammo Per Person : E mail us
Shooting Concentrate on Kids (Min : 8+)

30 Ammo Per Person : E mail us

Sea Adventure

Cut through the waves with easy strokes of the paddles as you ingest the unequalled beauty of the Beach.

Price :

Kayak Double

60 Minute Per Product : E mail us
30 Minute Per Product : E mail us
15 Minute Per Product : E mail us
*Potential 2 Person

Kayak Single

60 Minute Per Product : E mail us
30 Minute Per Product : E mail us
15 Minute Per Product : E mail us
*Utmost 1 Person


Jet-skiing is one excitement ride for many who wish to make their own waves and definitely learn how to have fun.

Price :

Jet Skiing ( Yamaha VX 700S )

60 Minute Per Device : E mail us
30 Minute Per Device : E mail us
15 Minute Per Product : E mail us
*Drivers min 17+ yrs . old

Banana Boat

An extremely fun activity with a lot of laughs and screams. It’s the ultimate way to cool-down after enjoying a while in sunlight and a safe experience for the complete relatives and buddies. Our banana motorboat trips are safe and crewed by our experienced and professional personnel. People wear life coats for safety. Visit right from shoreline and hold on for a great and scenic trip. Enjoy and go through the buzz of hurdling above the waves, the views of the scenic.

Price :

Banana Sail boat ( 5 SEATER)

30 Minute Per Person : E mail us (*Min 2 Person)
15 Minute Per Person : E mail us (*Min 2 Person)
15 Minute Per Person : E mail us (*Min 4 Person)

Banana Sail boat Cruise

45 Minute Per Person : E mail us (*Min 2 Person)

Banana Fishing boat Group Package

60 Minute Per Group : E mail us (*Min 20 Person)


Knee Boarding

Kneeboarding is a fantastic destination to start if you are not used to water sports. Starters will figure out how to perform new stunts and converts within the first procedure.

Price :

Knee Boarding

60 Minute Per Device : E mail us
30 Minute Per Device : E mail us
15 Minute Per Device : E mail us
*Instructor Available

Mangrove Cruise

A relaxing cruise over the Nongsa river through mangroves was a terrific way to spend some time to look fauna & flora

Price :

Mangrove Luxury cruise (Maximum 6 Persons

30-45 Minutes (min 2 pax) : E mail us
30-45 Minutes (min 3 pax) : E mail us
30-45 Minutes (child) : E mail us


Snorkel with this expert local courses. you can watch the large quantity of bright colored marine life. a memory space you may take home and tell those at home for decades to come


Give a different atmosphere for trip lovers with a broad collection of places to relax. For individuals who desire to commune and revel in the elements or show romantic occasions under the stunning, moon-lit, starry and wonderful night sky, booking a tent is the perfect choice.

Outbound Gathering


Sea Forest Excitement Batam is a great activity occur an wide open air environment for group and familly in indonesia. We provide you with company outing and team development services. Team development activities that can improve teamwork, develop trust, and improve problem fixing skills and the best benefit is, nearly all these team difficulties can be shipped everywhere, by anyone and with limited or no equipment.


: E mail us,-NET PER PAX

Package include:

  1. Utilization place at Sea Forest
  2. Excursion Batam
  3. Camping tent (1 tent 4-6 pax) w/ sleeping bag
  4. Free flow glaciers normal water during event
  5. Changing / bathtub rooms and toilet
  6. Free BBQ Pit (exclude line at the top, charcoal, gas online)
  7. Musholla.

NEWLY Face of Batam

Nuvasa Bay is here now to change the overall game. As the name means, ‘Nu’-vasa Bay is accessible to herald in the “new” face of Batam: revamping and reshaping Batam’s domestic and mixed-use property landscaping and taking it to the new levels.

It’ll be Batam’s first built in luxury domestic and mixed-use development; a haven for the top notch of Batam to reside in in and revel in the scenic natural splendor of the island. Furthermore, it has the conveniences of high grade living including medical facilities, education, leisure, entertainment, retail and food and drinks facilities.

Nuvasa Bay lays on the breathtaking beachfront of Nongsa, Batam, the most significant city in the Riau Islands Province of Indonesia and over the Straits of Singapore. Furthermore, it offers an award being successful 18-gap international course and 1.2 kilometres of pristine beachfront, setting it as an excellent escape retreat for local tourists.

Nuvasa Bay’s get better at plan originated by the celebrated vacation spot designers WATG. B e part of something special, discover Nuvasa Bay.

Golfing Villas & Residential

Batam’s wealthy local people need up-market residences that fit their position in life. Nuvasa Bay’s 18 – opening course provides an excellent setting because of this. Our Nothern Golfing Villas ( The Nove Residences ) premiered in early on 2017 and includes advanced semi-detached and townhouses. With 20m elevation and complete amenities, the Nothern Golfing Villas will expose a new approach to life to Batam. Southern Golfing Villas will observe after, providing scenic views facing the course, lakes and undulating curves. The villas present an position to provide this rich local segment. We’ve dedicated a 16.5-hectare little bit of our development to understand these wish homes.

Hill Recreation area Villas

Enjoy even more exclusivity at our 19-hectare Hill Recreation area vicinity which is contoured by lakes and been able by at the very top, world renowned personal creator. Savour our spacious lawns within the calm exclusivity of the Hill Recreation area.

Lagoon Villas & Townhouses

Imagine getting the chance to participate a unique opportunity. Affluent consumers will be very pleased to state that they own one of the units inside our 0.58-hectare lagoon domestic area; the only person of its kind in Batam. To complement the top villas, we also offer smaller townhouses within the complicated to match more humble space needs.

Condominiums Sites

We live building a variety of condominiums to accommodate the various aesthetic tastes. Your condominiums offers another visual experience.
– Seaside Real estate: View of the ocean, beach and Singapore skyline.
– Hill Park Condo: 360 level enhanced view of the course, Hill Area and Singapore skyline.
– Nothern Golf Condo (The Nove Golfing View Apartment): View of the course and Singapore skyline.
– Lagoon Condo: View of the lagoon, beach, sea and Singapore skyline. Condo buyers will definitely find one within Nuvasa Bay that suits their style.

Lagoon Condo

We live building Batam’s first Condominium complex (roughly 3 hectare) looking over a massive lagoon. With this attraction, combined with close closeness to beachfront F&B and drinking water entertainment, customers will feel compelled to purchase these “affordability” condotel systems.

Eco Hotel & Glamping

This development offers visitors a aspect experience throughout their holiday at Nuvasa Bay: boating through the mangrove channels, or trekking through the inexperienced environments. Essential visit for visitors seeking to get from the busyness of Singapore to retreat into dynamics.

Family Holiday resort Hotel & Normal water Bungalow

Only a 5-minute car trip from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal in Batam, this 5-legend hotel will be a thrilling home based business for shareholders looking for contact with Batam’s growing market for overseas holidaymakers. Located within eye-shot of your floating water playground, there is
a great deal of allure to pull travellers to the hotel. To increase the uniqueness, we are creating a limited variety of high-end over-water bungalows and serviced flats as an expansion to the family holiday resort hotel.

Commercial & Retail

Prime residences and resorts produce a need for vivid business, supermarkets / minimarts, restaurants & cafes, lenders, ATM centres, cosmetic salon andbarber, laundry, spas & massages, budget hotels, food court docket, etc. Shareholders will earn attractive profits by taking part in this commercial opportunity.


Our theory includes whitening strips of 1st floor retail before the beach, but coupled with residential areas in higher flooring surfaces to create the best included beach living experience. Spend your mornings lying down on the beach, accompanied by a day of retail remedy at our retailers before eating out by the beach and then retiring to your sea view apartment.

Sea Forest

Sea Forest Trip Batam can be an involved recreational area made to be Batam’s new family leisure and edutainment vacation spot focusing on success science, mother nature, and outdoor activities.

Come and revel in our unique aqua keep tabs on floating water recreation area, water sports, capturing range, paintball, beach club and different other recreational facilities.

Senior Living & Medical Facility

A haven for Singapore’s and other countries’ increasing age population who would like a cheap retirement near Singapore. A specially selected housing area wedding caterers to older persons who desire a lavish, convenient pension situated near world-class healthcare centre in Singapore, yet at attractive Indonesian prices. A trusted medical facility can help ensure that residents and tourists of Nuvasa Bay have the medical care they want. Located near our mature living, it will ensure that elderly people residing in the city will have fast access to medical assistance should they require it.

Why Batam?

We will be the only home and blended use built-in township in Batam that is ornamented by beautiful beachfront, course, has amazing natural curves and natural mangrove views. We have been creating Nuvasa Bay as a location that you can live your lifestyle at, but ornamented by a holiday resort like environment. We will be the most significant township development in Batam with a complete region of 228 hectares.


To build Batam’s first built in luxury personal and mixed-use development that combines convenience, proper location and natural splendor.

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