081210999347 Travel to Lagoi Bay Bintan

081210999347 Travel to Lagoi Bay Bintan

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October 2015,

Early in the morning at 6.15 my best friend Veni had come home to pick me up …

where is I still sleepy, it’s just that the night I suddenly have trouble falling asleep starting as early as this morning my eyes are reluctant to be invited to literate. But how come the plan has been drawn up from Saturday. Finally, with a sense of laziness I took a bath, and invited Veni. Hayuklah, let’s go, just take a look for breakfast. I’m still sleepy, I ask Veni to ride with me in the hope that I can still sleep behind.

We left with reckless capital, because vehicles were covered in 2009 FTZ Vehicle category. (I don’t understand FTZ. It’s only this Free Trade Zone that I know the point is that vehicles can’t be taken out of Batam, the motorbike goes and we arrive at Punggur harbor at 7.20, it’s quite 45 minutes of our trip.

Anxious, when you want to buy a ticket for the counter, you can’t, yes, Veni tries to buy a ticket by mentioning the vehicle number, but the officer just says if the motorbike please buy it directly in front of the ship. Well, huh? but let’s just follow the officers’ orders.

Now when we left, there was a big motorbike community that would tour LAGOI – Bintan – Tanjung Pinang too. We both started to join their queues, and I saw their motorbikes all recently and if it was bought in Batam it would certainly not come out too.

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Explore Indonesia Promotion

What we were worried about turned out to be unproven. We are permitted to buy tickets without having to submit the vehicle registration, we only pay the class 2 vehicle fees, (motorbikes) of Rp. 31,000 and the adult passenger fee per person is Rp. 20,000. My smile expanded, my sleep disappeared, but it didn’t taste hungry. This stomach starts dancing joget and asks to be filled. Thankfully the Veni brought bread that was enough to block my stomach.

The trip starts at 8.00 using a RORO boat. I am endlessly grateful because we managed to start our first experience out of batam using a personal motorbike. When there are not many sea trips that can be enjoyed other than ships covered in smoke. Because at this time it was in the smoke season. (How come it’s become the season. The fruits are seasonal 🙂 but it’s okay, the important thing is now we have been ship and will start a new adventure.

At 9:00 we arrived at Tanjung Uban harbor, we started the journey with the spirit of 2015, really nice to use a motorbike. The eyes more freely see the right side of the road. We walked leisurely while looking for breakfast what was typical at Tanjung Uban. Not aware of the 45-minute leisurely journey we didn’t find breakfast that matched my taste. But we instead found the Gate that I knew was the Gate to Lagoi’s tour, huh ??? We have arrived in Spain, how come it is fast ??? my smile was so happy, more happy because not far from the gate of Lagoi, I found the writing of the CHICKEN Restaurant, Bakar Pak Bel. Yes, we finally stopped filling the stomach first. The spicy grilled chicken is delicious.

After the stomach filled up fully, … we continued the journey, in front of the tourist guard post we only paid a ticket of Rp. 1000 for the motorbike, Rp. 5,000 for the car, wow it was really cheap for the luxurious and clean area of ​​LAGOI … and did not forget sir the security guard advised me on the road and don’t speed up ya … obey the rules, well sir thank you with a smile we also continued the journey.

The first tourist area that we want to visit is LAGOI BAY BINTAN, this is a tour that has just opened in 2015 by Pak Yusuf Kalla … I have never arrived … so I am very excited to go there … after seeing the instructions given by the signposts installed on the side of the road … finally we found Lagoi Bay Tourism. Woww … I’m amazed by the cleanliness … beautiful plants decorate the side of the road … and the streets are clean.

wow, once again I was amazed when I found an artificial lake … I pulled over my motorcycle and opened the jacket helmet and I shouted Lagoi beautiful … incredible god. I like i like it. really i like the place …..

1. Parking area in Lagoi Bay
2. The entrance to Lagoi Bay
3. Lake Lagoi
4. enjoy the calm of this beautiful lake …
5. white sand beach Lagoi Bay
6. Plaza Lagoi Bay



Finally we also spent time enjoying Lagoi’s cheap tour, but the place was luxurious and clean … at 3 o’clock we had come out of Lagoi to go home to Tanjung Tanjung Port … by the last Roro ship at 5:30 p.m.

I will be back because of your beauty and cleanliness.

Beautiful tourism of Riau Islands …


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