081210999347 Visit Kepri Promotion Riau Islands Holiday at

081210999347 Visit Kepri Promotion Riau Islands Holiday at

081210999347 Visit Kepri Promotion Riau Islands Holiday at

Welcome to Batam, you are not in Batam if you are not visit Barelang Bridge. Usually people come to Batam to go to Tuanku Fisabilillah Bridge. Inside the other name, it called Jembatan satu Barelang. This Bridge is one of BJ Habibie’s masterpieces. He’s third chief executive in Indonesia. Well, you need to understand there are six bridge which is linking three island, Batam – Rempang – Galang. Which extends along 54 kilometers. Thats why it called Barelang Bridge.

read : 081210999347 Visit Kepri Promotion Riau Islands Holiday at

Without a doubt the name of six bridge. The first bridge name is Tengku Fisabilillah. Second Bridge is Nara Singa. Third Bridge is Raja Ali Haji. 4th Bridge is Sultan Zainal Abidin. Fifth Bridge is Tuanku Tambusai. The final one, 6th bridge is Raja Kecik. Barelang bridge is pilot task with high technology. Involving Indonesian and international Engineers. The development of six bridge needs six years from 1992 until 1998.

So, I’ve a fresh information related the bridge above. At Tuanku Tambusai Bridge, which is situated at Rempang Island. There’s a fresh vacation resort, the name is SBS Vacation resort means Sangat Bahagia Sekali Holiday resort. How exactly to reach this vacation resort? In the event that you from Singapore, it will require 3 time by ferry. From Bandara Hang up Nadim by car, you will need time around 60 minutes. Before you reach the bridge, flip right.

Sangat Bahagia Sekali Resort

Placed amid 7.8 hectares of beautiful renewable landscaping design in a tranquil tropical town. Currently, SBS holiday resort continues to be under development. But begin from August 2017, SBS available for visitors. You could benefit from the beach atmosphere, with beach pursuits like kayaking, banana vessel, floaties, large derby yellowish duck, snorkeling etc.

If you include you family additionally you can enjoy eating seafoods. SBS offering freshest sea food with Chinese language and Indonesian style. There are so many seafoods, like prawn, crab, seafood, and gonggong. Gonggong is one of the suggested seafood and really should be try if you come to Batam. Essentially gonggong’s just like a snail but having different taste

1. Small Kayak 60 thousand rupiah for just one hour.
2. Large Kayak 100 thousand rupiah for just one hour.
3. Floaties Donat 60 thousand rupiah for just one hour.
4. Large Swan Floaties 100 thousand rupiah for just one hour.
5. Giant Horses Floaties 150 thousand rupiah for just one hour.

One Private Chalet designed for 8 person but also for breakfast limited to two person. The area facing the ocean. One evening you need to pay 1,5 million rupiah. Furthermore, additionally you can enjoy and start to see the beautiful scenery near the top of the tree house. Well, for New Year’s Eve, SBS also offers New Year Get together themed event, with only Rp 200.000 / Pax, guests can enjoy Evening meal, DJ show, Strap, Lucky Sketch and certainly fireworks get together at beach area.

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