Alternative Lodging in Near Minangkabau International Airport – Padang

Alternative Lodging in Near Minangkabau International Airport – Padang

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When I decided to take part in a National Gathering from a Jalan jalan Indonesia community, I arrived … I had asked a few friends, was this Minangkabau Airport open 24 hours … and some information I received. average said this Minangkabau airport was an international airport. definitely open 24 hours, the possibility of staying there.

The more confident I was that after returning from the national gathering I could save expenses by staying in this airport, our road schedule ended at night, and the plane I took the next day at 7 am, while other friends returned home that night with the last flight at 21.20wib destination jakarta. than I had to spend hundreds of thousands to stay a few hours at the hotel and pay a taxi, I really chose to slap in an airport seat or at least at the mosque.

3 days have passed, the gathering of West Sumatra was over, was satisfied laughing, already satisfied selfian selfie, but not satisfied yet enjoying the beautiful nature of Allah’s creation we also had to return to their respective cities … at that time our group will deliver 4 participants who have to go back more the start was due to their plane at 6:00 p.m., when compared to I wanted to make sure I could stay there … with a feeling of anxiety I asked one of the workers in the airport … afternoon sir … sorry I want to ask … can I I stayed here tonight, because my plane tomorrow morning at 7, I was afraid of oversleep if I had to stay at the hotel, because the distance of the hotel is quite far. Nearest 30 minutes if the road is smooth …

Oh sorry, bro … here is not permitted to spend the night … hhhhhaaaaaaa it feels as short as my breath … and instantly it feels like this brain … so can’t really sir? the father firmly replied … yes ya … the last flight only until 24.00 after that the airport was closed and continued to open for morning flight …

Oh my God … how is this ?? where else should I stay overnight? in the field I don’t know anyone … I want to stay at a hotel far away and of course my bugdet has to come out more … after delivering to 4 participants we continue the journey to Siti Nurbaya Bridge and the shop by Chirstien Hakim, well during the trip out of the airport .. I chose to sit next to the driver and see if there was an inn that was closer to the airport …

Approximately 2 Km, my eyes were fixed on signposts bearing 24-hour lodging … I immediately shouted … There was an inn … after this event I finished here, sir? chat with me to the driver … but the driver said … it’s for the Vehicle inn … not for guests … Haaa ?? cook, sir … ah, sir, don’t you mind why sir ??

Want to go back to see the sign of writing the sign seems impossible, because sir the driver still has to carry out the task of escorting us to places of recreation in the field … so my last trip was that full of anxiety … where should I go tonight … where is cheap lodging ??

and when snacks are bought, the bridge of Siti Nurbaya has been visited, we go back to the bus … at 6:00 a.m. and the rain starts to fall down … and we have to return to the airport.

Thank God … again I was full of fear … where should I stay … all the way I could not see the writing stuck in the building because the rain soaked the windshield of the bus … the bus continued to run and we arrived at the airport … Thank God, the rain started to subside … and I want the driver … slow slowly, sir … I want to see the signs on the edge of the road … where do you know there are inns here.

Thank God again … my eyes got what I was looking for … I managed to read the Ikhlas Diva Lodging Posts … here, sir, I will come down … Hopefully there are still empty rooms.

After shaking hands with other friends, I also said goodbye … and the driver also gave me the number … if the inn is full, I can help the driver to find another accommodation …

And thank God again I still got the last room.

I don’t care, their service is sobering … the important thing is I have a place to rest my body and brain … and of course the distance between the inn and the airport is only 7 minutes using the motorbike ,, and this inn I have to pay Rp. 150,000 + the cost of an airport taxi Rp. 15,000

When I enter the room … I want to take a deep breath … the air conditioner is broken, the fan is dusty, the old TV model that still can be used or not … not to mention the sandy floor … the bed has yellowish sprays..and finally I saw the bathroom. there is only one tap. that means … I can’t flush this body with warm water … no towel … just a piece of water and mineral water 2 bottles I found.

But, thank God, again … once again I say … thank God, at least I can take shelter … even though it’s not comfortable for me at that price … it’s expensive. and I will be able to rest my body by slapping it flatly on the spring bed blanket … I can hit my cellphone, I can enjoy the wifi facilities, I can take a shower even though it’s cold … I can chat with friends who are still in the airport … and I can fall asleep at 5.30 in the morning …

For anyone who really wants an accommodation that is close to the airport, the Diva Ikhlas is the choice … or I have found one after diva sincerity … his name is Buana Lestari … about 300 meters from Diva, hopefully it can help … 🙂 🙂

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